Chef Spreads Celiac Awareness through Gluten-Free Cooking Class |
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Chef Spreads Celiac Awareness through Gluten-Free Cooking Class

Video shows GREAT-trained Chef James Harris in action.

The gluten-free diet requires some adjustments, but it’s easier than ever to make fresh and fun gluten-free food. Just ask Chef James Harris.

For more than 2 years, Chef James has been cooking gluten-free options for diners at Harrah’s Resorts in Atlantic City, NJ. He learned the steps for safe food preparation and handling through GREAT, a gluten-free training program run by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). Chef James has also participated in NFCA’s annual fundraiser, Appetite for Awareness, where he’s cooked for thousands of attendees supporting the gluten-free lifestyle.

Now, Chef James is sharing his skills with the public. He hosted a gluten-free cooking class at the Cape May County Public Library on Jan. 29, which earned a spot in the local news. Chef James took it as an opportunity to raise awareness of celiac disease and educate the public about the gluten-free diet.

Chef James will host another gluten-free cooking class on Thursday, March 17, at the Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City, NJ. For more information, see the event listing.

Watch Chef James in action during his gluten-free cooking class: 



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