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Website Invites Gluten-Free College Students to Review Campus Food

GlutenFreeTravelSite has introduced a new feature for assessing the "gluten-free friendliness" of on-campus dining.

For gluten-free college students, one of the biggest challenges of living on-campus is finding places that serve gluten-free food. The availability of gluten-free options can be a deciding factor in a celiac student's college search, but that often requires a meeting with dining services rather than a quick look on a website.

Now, is hoping to make the search a little easier. The restaurant and travel site has introduced a feature that allows college students to review gluten-free dining options on campus.

Users now have the option to select "college" when submitting a review to the website. Visitors interested in learning about gluten-free friendly universities can search for reviews by entering the town or zip code where the college is located. GlutenFreeTravelSite will also post links to college dining reviews through the site's Twitter and Facebook accounts, according to a press release.

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