National Healthcare Publication Encourages Providers to Learn More About Celiac Disease |
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National Healthcare Publication Encourages Providers to Learn More About Celiac Disease

ADVANCE for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants highlights NFCA’s free continuing medical education program in recent coverage of celiac disease.

Since launching last July, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) has made it a mission to spread the word about this free online continuing medical education (CME) program for primary care providers. Now, the organization is getting some help from a trusted healthcare newsmagazine.

ADVANCE for NPs & PAsADVANCE for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants, a peer-reviewed trade publication with nationwide distribution, featured an article on celiac disease in its May 1, 2011 issue. Titled "Celiac Disease: Furor in the Small Intestine,” the article including facts and figures from NFCA, along with a link to, where nurse practitioners and physician assistants could go to learn more about celiac disease while earning CME credit.

A note from the editor emphasized why educating the medical community is an important part of improving diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease:

“Because celiac disease is underdiagnosed and often misdiagnosed, and because the incidence of atypical and asymptomatic presentations of celiac disease are on the increase, heightened awareness of this disease in all its disguises is paramount among NPs and PAs.”

Celiac CMETo read this valuable article about celiac disease, visit ADVANCE for NPs & PAs.

ADVANCE editor Michael Gerchufsky also blogged about NFCA's efforts to educate providers about celiac disease. Read about it on the ADVANCE for NPs & PAs Blog.

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