Gluten-Free Blogger Shares Celiac Survival Tips for the Jersey Shore |
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Gluten-Free Blogger Shares Celiac Survival Tips for the Jersey Shore

Gluten Free Philly's Michael Savett explains how planning ahead makes beachside dining a breeze.

Summer vacations are often a time to indulge, but for someone with celiac disease, it isn’t always easy.

A recent article in Shore News Today highlighted gluten-free options at the Jersey Shore, a popular summer destination for Philadelphia area residents. NFCA Business Advisory Board member and Gluten Free Philly founder Michael Savett offered his take on gluten-free dining at the shore.

Michael, a resident of Cherry Hill, NJ, launched his blog when his son was diagnosed with celiac disease. The blog highlights restaurants and stores that offer gluten-free options, as well as new gluten-free products and events for celiacs in the area.

According to Michael, “planning is the key” when setting out for a gluten-free dinner. He calls ahead and carries dining cards to explain his son’s gluten-free needs, the article noted. Fortunately, many restaurants now have gluten-free menus listed online or in dining guides, Michael added.

The article also spotlighted Pure Tacos, a restaurant in Ocean City, NJ, that offers a 100% gluten-free menu. Owner Ted Schroeder has celiac disease, so he knows how important it is to avoid cross-contamination. “We get probably more than 10 celiacs a day that come in and tell us how excited they are to have food they can eat safely at the beach,” he told Shore News Today.

To read  the full article, visit Shore News Today.

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