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Are You Planning a Gluten-Free Trip to Disney?

Travel agent will arrange your trip and donate 3% to celiac awareness.

Ohana Getaways, a travel agent specializing in Disney and Universal Studios vacations, has launched a new offer for gluten-free tourists. Book with Ohana Getaways and 3% of your total trip will be donated to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) to support the organization’s educational and outreach efforts.

Disney  World is known to be a gluten-free friendly destination, and Ohana Getaways can ensure your needs are accommodated. The travel agent has a personal connection to celiac disease and is willing to do everything from gathering gluten-free menus to working with the Special Diet Department to arrange meals during your visit.

This service comes at no extra cost. Ohana Getaways works directly with Disney, so the ticket prices are the same as buying through Disney, according to the agent.

For more information: Ohana Getaways: Celiac Awareness


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