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NFCA is New Gluten-Free Expert for

Leading online retailer of health products will feature information, gluten-free recipes and advice from NFCA.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has partnered with, a leading online retailer and direct marketer of health and wellness products, to provide original content about living the gluten-free lifestyle, including recipes and advice, and information about celiac disease.  The new blog, The GREAT Life: Gluten-Free Updates from Celiac Central, launched today on

VitacostIn addition to partnering with NFCA, has introduced videos and blogs from leading experts in other health and wellness fields. Their topics include endurance training, bodybuilding, sexuality, yoga, and organic and dietetic cooking. also recently launched two new websites: health and wellness site Wellness Times (, which features cutting edge, expert-authored editorial content about natural health, and Momonomics (, a fun online destination where busy moms can unwind and interact.

NFCA is thrilled to be part of this initiative to bring engaging and informative content to all of’s community.

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