NFCA Founder and President Alice Bast Broadcasts Celiac Awareness |
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NFCA Founder and President Alice Bast Broadcasts Celiac Awareness

Alice interviewed with Dr. Hoffman of Health Talk on WOR-710 radio.

NFCA President Alice Bast broadcasted her passion for celiac awareness over the airwaves with Dr. Ronald Hoffman of the syndicated radio show, Health Talk

As a featured expert on celiac disease, Alice discussed the many facets of celiac, ranging from diagnosis and gluten in medications to her own personal story and misconceptions of the disease.   Both Alice and Dr. Hoffman lent interesting insight into the evolution of the understanding of celiac disease and how the over 300 disease symptoms can make it difficult to diagnose. 

Health Talk is the longest running syndicated health show on the radio and takes call-ins from the U.S. and Canada and often features expert guests like Alice.  With a track record of success and a candid discussion on celiac disease, this broadcast is one you don’t want to miss.  You can listen to the recording of the show through the WOR-710 website. 




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