Four Year Old Raising Celiac Disease Awareness |
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Four Year Old Raising Celiac Disease Awareness

“Sydney’s Silly Yaks” will participate in a 5K walk to benefit celiac disease research in April.

Four year old Sydney Kessler is taking on celiac disease by walking with her family in the Making Tracks for Celiacs 5K in Baltimore, Maryland this April.  Her team (dubbed “Sydney’s Silly Yaks”) and her supporters will sport t-shirts designed by the four year old herself. 

When asked why she was participating in the walk for celiac disease awareness, Sydney told, “They’ll give us money for the celiac walk to get money and then maybe they can get medicine.”

Sydney’s parents say one of the most difficult things is keeping Sydney safe from cross-contamination.  To help keep her safe from gluten ingestion, her parents send her to birthday parties with her own gluten-free brownie while her twin brother, Alex, says he tries to help Sydney stay healthy by washing his hands. 

Read more about Sydney’s efforts in raising celiac disease awareness by visiting (don’t miss her adorable t-shirt design!)

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