Experts Explain the Many Sources of Hidden Gluten on Local TV Segment |
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Experts Explain the Many Sources of Hidden Gluten on Local TV Segment

NFCA Founder and President Alice Bast and Dr. Joseph A. Murray appeared on CBS Miami to explain how gluten-free is more than a diet.

While some foods are obvious sources of gluten (like pizza, pasta and bread) it might not be so obvious in other foods or products.  In a news segment with CBS Miami, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) Founder and President Alice Bast shared examples of places gluten can be hiding.

Dr. Joseph A. Murray of the Mayo Clinic also appeared on the segment.  Both experts cautioned people with celiac disease to check for gluten in medications, cosmetics and even children’s toys and arts and crafts.  Together, Dr. Murray and Alice succeeded in putting celiac disease in the public domain, raising much needed awareness.

Watch the segment to learn more: Celiac Disease Sufferers Discovering Gluten-Free Goes Beyond Food

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