National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Offers Free Toolkit in Honor of Celiac Awareness Month |
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National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Offers Free Toolkit in Honor of Celiac Awareness Month

The nonprofit organization is proud to offer its first-ever Celiac Awareness Month Toolkit.

Celiac Awareness Month 2013 Toolkit PreviewIn honor of Celiac Awareness Month 2013, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is focusing on the theme "Fuel the Family."  Since having a family member diagnosed with celiac disease greatly increases a person's chance of developing the disease themselves, people who are already diagnosed play an important role in raising awareness of the genetic component of the autoimmune disease and the need for testing.

Just one of the many ways NFCA is working to increase awareness during May is through the free downloadable Celiac Awareness Month 2013 Toolkit.  This first-ever toolkit from NFCA is loaded with shareable information about celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) and the gluten-free diet.  The toolkit also includes ways to get involved throughout Celiac Awareness Month and tips for talking to family members about celiac disease testing, making it an appropriate resource for both the newly diagnosed, gluten-free diet pros and those looking for more information. 

NFCA encourages you to download the free resource and share it with friends and family to help raise awareness of celiac disease.  Visit the Celiac Awareness Month page to find out more about other planned activities for May.

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