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Philadelphia: The City of Gluten-Free Love


Back in January 2013, Pennsylvania was named “The World’s Most Celiac Friendly Destination” by the Gluten-Free Travel Site.  Now, The Examiner is dubbing Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, as one of the most gluten-free friendly cities in the country. 

The Examiner credits the large amount of gluten-free options in Philadelphia to increased celiac disease awareness.  Many Philadelphia area restaurants are trained by Gluten-Free Resource and Education Awareness Training (GREAT) Kitchens, a gluten-free cooking training program from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) designed to train all restaurant staff in safe gluten-free food preparation. 

Another big player in making Philadelphia a gluten-free friendly city is Michael Savett, the voice behind the popular blog, Gluten Free Philly.  Savett’s blog continues to be an invaluable resource to people living gluten-free in the Philadelphia tri-state area, as he covers everything from new gluten-free products to restaurant reviews.  He’s been a big advocate for the celiac disease community, making it a point to help raise awareness. 

Visit The Examiner to get the full scoop on Philly’s gluten-friendly places.

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