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Gluten-Free Product of the Day

Fettuccini Alfredo

Gluten-Free Cafe Fettuccini AlfredoProduct Name: Gluten-Free Café Fettuccini Alfredo

What is it? The creamy, parmesan dish is back – this time with rice noodles and a certified gluten-free label. The ready-made, microwaveable meal is a convenient option for the office, dorm room or a lazy night at home.

Nutrition snapshot:  Each package of Fettuccini Alfredo contains 340 calories and 140 calories from fat (you can’t enjoy all that real cream and cheese without some trade-off).  With 830mg of sodium and 45mg of cholesterol, this isn’t a “light and healthy” option, but it is an easy way to enjoy the old Italian flavors you may be longing for. 

Ways to enjoy: Microwave for a few minutes and enjoy right out of the tray. To boost the nutritional value, add some steamed broccoli or spinach. For a quick dinner, heat the dish, then ladle the noodles on top of a cooked chicken breast. Bake in the oven for 5-10 minutes.

Where to Learn More: www.GlutenFreeChoices.com


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