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Gluten-Free Product of the Day

Coconut Milk

Thai Kitchen Shrimp Mix with Coconut Milk Product Name: Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk

What is it? Coconut milk is naturally gluten-free and an incredibly versatile ingredient.  It’s a staple in many Thai dishes and is commonly used as a thickener for Thai sauces.  Its sweet taste and smooth texture add a tasty, creamy consistency to the dishes it’s used in. 

Nutrition snapshot: Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk contains 120 calories per 2 oz. serving.  With only 15 mg of sodium, it’s also a low-salt option. 

Ways to enjoy: The possibilities for coconut milk are endless.  Thai Kitchen has some recipe ideas on their website, but you can use this as a dairy-free alternative to milk in your recipes.  You can also use it instead of water in a rice cooker to change up your rice routine.

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