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Gluten-Free Product of the Day

Feather Weight Baking Powder

Hain Featherweight Baking PowderProduct Name: Hain Pure Foods Gluten-Free Featherweight Baking Powder

What is it?  This featherweight baking powder is ideal for gluten-free baking.  Because it's lightweight, you can add it to cookies, pancakes and more without weighing them down.

Nutrition snapshot: Similar to other baking powders, the Featherweight Baking Powder has no calories, no sodium and of course - no gluten.

Ways to enjoy: Add this to your gluten-free pancake recipe to enjoy golden, fluffy pancakes for breakfast.  Use it in any cake, cookie or baking recipe for lighter, fluffier finished products.

Where to Lean More: www.GlutenFreeChoices.com


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