Pro-Golfer Takes Gluten-Free Grocery Tour |
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Pro-Golfer Takes Gluten-Free Grocery Tour

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NFCA Athlete for Awareness Sarah Jane Smith was featured in Wegmans "Fresh Stories" this week. The blog post, "One Athlete's LPGA Swing Against Celiac Disease," shared Sarah Jane's personal connection to celiac disease and followed the pro-golfer on a tour of Wegmans gluten-free options.

Wegmans Nutritionist Trish Kazacos, RD, and Sarah Jane SmithSarah Jane's career takes her around the world; she told Wegmans Nutritionist Trish Kazacos, RD, about about the challenges of eating gluten-free on the road:

"You have to be mindful of where you are going. Being in an airport you can’t grab whatever you want. The salads there are not always fresh. I learned I had to be super prepared. I would travel with rice crackers to make sandwiches or snacks.”

The gluten-free grocery tour impressed Sarah Jane, who noted the improvements she's seen in gluten-free options in the U.S.

Sarah Jane linked up with Trish while she was in town for the Wegmans LPGA Tournament. See a photo of Sarah Jane taking a swing on LPGA's website.



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