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Blogger Unveils the “2013 Gluten-Free Guide to Major League Baseball Ballparks”

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Love baseball?  Looking for gluten-free options at the ballpark?  Look no further than Gluten-Free Philly – even if you don’t live in the Philadelphia area.  Michael Savett, the voice behind the popular blog, has done the legwork for you by breaking down all the ballparks in Major League Baseball that offer gluten-free options (yes, he even included an overview of the selections!). 

Taking it one step further, Michael also lists which stadiums are hosting an awareness event this season, including Celiac Awareness Night with the Philadelphia Phillies on August 16th.    

Check out the “2013 Gluten-Free Guide to Major League Baseball Ballparks” to see if your team’s stadium has gluten-free offerings this season.

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