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Quarterback Gaining Ground After Going Gluten-Free

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Last season, Florida State University backup quarterback Clint Trickett was the target of criticism for his small size when he stepped up to fill in for injured first string quarterback EJ Manuel.  Now, with a celiac disease diagnosis and a gluten-free diet underway, Trickett is drawing attention for his healthy weight gain and improved performance. 

Seminoles.com reported Trickett is visibly larger than he was last season now that he’s adopted the Clint Trickett Florida State University gluten-free diet and is learning new training habits.  His teammates are taking notice, too; he’s no longer lifting weights with the special teams, but is keeping pace with some of the fullbacks and linebackers.  Trickett noticed a certain “zip” to his throw and he’s completing passes for further distance than he’s been able to in the past. 

Trickett has been battling with freshman Jacob Coker for the backup quarterback position.  With his gluten-free diet, increased strength, confidence, and improved throwing ability, it seems as if he will clinch the position based on his performance in the team’s first scrimmage. 

Trickett was featured as a gluten-free athlete in NFCA’s magazine for gluten-free college students, GREAT U.  To read Trickett’s experience with diagnosis and how he maintains the gluten-free diet as an athlete, head to page 23 of GREAT U

You can also read more about Trickett’s performance during the preseason as reported by Seminoles.com.

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