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UFC’s Dennis Hallman Shares His Celiac Story

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UFC's Dennis Hallman

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitor Dennis Hallman says he feels like a new man since being diagnosed with celiac disease back in May. In a recent article with MMA Junkie Radio, the 34-year-old Hallman discussed his life since being diagnosed and his struggle to compete prior to going gluten-free.

From MMAjunkie.com:

“MMA veteran Dennis Hallman (41-13-2 MMA, 1-4 UFC) could never figure out why he was so utterly exhausted after training and why his cardio seemed to fail him during fights.

It turns out his own body was attacking him.”

After addressing his concerns with doctors and undergoing a barrage of tests, Hallman discovered his body wasn’t producing the cortisol and testosterone his body needed to properly recover from his strenuous training and competition.

As it turns out, Hallman’s undiagnosed celiac disease was robbing his body of the nutrients it needed to generate these naturally occurring hormones.

Now gluten-free, Hallman says his strength and endurance have improved dramatically.

"‘I have actual cortisol in my body now, so I have recovery time,’ Hallman said. 'When I get tired, I can recover.’

And with his schedule, he needs time to rest. The Pacific Northwest native fights, trains, promotes, and he has four kids."

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