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Crispy Rice Cereals: Gluten-Free?

May 10, 2011


Are crispy rice cereals gluten-free?




Hi Thomas. Many crispy rice cereals do contain gluten and so are unsafe to eat. Even though the grain used is rice (which is gluten-free), the cereals often have other gluten-containing ingredients, such as barley malt flavoring.

It is best to choose a brand of cereal that is certified gluten-free. Thankfully, there are several gluten-free brands on the market and available in mainstream grocery stores.


Rachel Begun, MS, RD

[Note: Kellogg's is launching Gluten-Free Rice Krispies cereal in grocery stores this June. According to a company fact sheet, the product is made in a separate facility and will be tested regularly to ensure its gluten-free status. Read more in NFCA's Hot Products review.]