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Blood Test Numbers After Celiac Diagnosis

October 18, 2011


How long on average does it take the celiac numbers to start to drop after starting a gluten-free diet? My daughter’s 6-month blood test was still very high.




Hi Toni. According to Dr. Peter Green in his book, Celiac Disease, A Hidden Epidemic, follow-up celiac blood tests usually return to negative after 6-12 months following a gluten-free diet. He goes on to state that a downward trend is what you should be looking for, even if it takes more than a year to become negative. 

If you are not seeing a downward trend after 6-12 months, it would be advised to reevaluate all possible sources of gluten exposure, including areas of cross contamination at home or in restaurants; recheck ingredient labels as formulations do change and there may be hidden sources of gluten; and evaluate if there has been any intentional consumption of gluten. On a personal note, my daughter’s blood tests took more than a year to become negative.


Nancy Dickens, BS, RD, LDN

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