Gluten-Free Gift Guide

For the Gluten-Free Kid
⎯ Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?
⎯ Danny the Dragon
⎯ Snazzy lunchbox
⎯ Fun cookie cutters
⎯ Pac Man Oven Mitt
⎯ Gluten-free play dough
⎯ Cooking with Isaia h

For the Newly Diagnosed
⎯ Blender
⎯ New serving platters
⎯ Loaf pan
⎯ Cooking with Amy
⎯ Magnetic signboard
⎯ Gluten-free gift basket or meal delivery program
⎯ Gluten-free baking class or health coaching session
⎯ Real Life with Celiac Disease
⎯ Insulated lunchbox
⎯ Storage tubs
⎯ Celiac Disease for Dummies
⎯ Gluten Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide

For the Gluten-Free Foodie
⎯ Gift certificate to a GREAT restaurant
⎯ Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef
⎯ Doughnut pan
⎯ Fondue set
⎯ Wine glasses
⎯ Camera
⎯ Candy thermometer and marble slab
⎯ Dutch oven
⎯ Spice rack and spices
⎯ Fold-out or moveable kitchen island

For the Gluten-Free Health Nut
⎯ Gluten-free energy bars
⎯ Blossoming tea brewer
⎯ Exotic ancient grains
⎯ Yoga classes
⎯ Personal health record (PHR) account
⎯ Food scale
⎯ Rice cooke r

For the Celiac on the Go
⎯ Tupperware
⎯ iPhone apps
⎯ Crockpot
⎯ Wholesale buyer ’s club membership
⎯ Label maker
⎯ Massage

For the Gluten-Free Traveler
⎯ Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide and travel cards
⎯ A night (or several) at a celiac-friendly hotel
⎯ Gluten-free travel/snack packs
⎯ Toaster bags