Student Raises Celiac Awareness at High School


Sabrina Wolfe

The month of May is Celiac Awareness Month and being diagnosed just three years ago, I wanted to really raise awareness of celiac disease in my community.  The best way was to go to my school and inform my peers about it. On May 16th, I brought pamphlets along with a few of my favorite gluten-free goodies, gluten-free cupcakes and gluten-free Monster Cookies. My classmates are always asking how gluten-free things actually taste because they have heard both good and bad things about some products.  As people came up to get a treat they were not afraid to ask questions. I had several people ask me, “So what is celiac disease?” and “What is gluten?”  Not only were my peers interested but the teachers and staff were too. After just a half hour of handing out goodies and talking about what celiac disease is and how it works I have a good feeling that my community is starting to get a better general idea of what it is.

- Sabrina Wolfe