Meet Nick Schmitz

Nick is 8 years old and wrote a kids book about celiac disease with his mom.

When Nick was 7 years old, he helped his mom write a book about celiac disease for kids. The book is called Nick & the Shrinking Inner Spaceship. It’s about a boy scientist who takes a wild ride through the body to learn more about celiac. It’s on our Reading List!

NickWhen did you find out you have celiac disease?

When I was a little older than 6.

What symptoms did you have?

I had a lot of tummy aches and had to go the bathroom a lot. I also had diarrhea a lot.

Why did you want to write a book about celiac disease?

I wanted to help other kids so they didn’t feel so scared about having celiac disease.

Is Nick in the book a lot like you?


Do you like science as much as he does?Nick S


Why is it important for kids with celiac to know what’s going on inside their bodies?

It’s important so they can learn to eat right and be healthy.  It’s also important to know because celiac disease seems less scary when you know more about it.

What would you say to a kid who just found out they have celiac disease?

I would tell them it’s not so bad… there are a lot of people who have celiac disease.  You will find new favorite foods to eat - That’s what my mom tells me when I miss a food I can’t eat anymore.  They are also making lots of new gluten-free foods all the time!

What is your favorite gluten-free food?

I would have to say ice cream!


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