Meet Sydney P.

Sydney is 7-years-old and has celiac disease.

7-year-old Sydney has celiac disease, but she's now healthy and happy on a gluten-free diet. Find out what her favorite gluten-free food is, and what she wants to tell other gluten-free kids.

Sydney1. When were you first diagnosed with celiac disease?  

I was 4 years old. My symptoms were that my stomach hurt, I was really tired and my belly was really big.

2. How did you learn about celiac disease?

My pediatrician thought I might have it. Now I stay away from gluten!

3. Does celiac disease run in your family? 

No, but some of my dad's cousins had problems with wheat.

4. What’s your favorite gluten-free food that you can enjoy? 

Giorgio on Pine's chocolate mousse! My brother's favorite is gluten-free macaroni & cheese.

5. What advice would you give to a child who had just been diagnosed with celiac disease? 

I make sure to read labels on what I eat and if I can't read a label or someone gives me food that I'm not sure about, I just stay away from it.  I also think it's helpful to find other people like you to talk to about it.


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