Meet Noa F.

Noa is 8 years old and has celiac disease.

8-year-old Noa has been diagnosed for a little more than a year. She shared how she talks to her friends about celiac, what she enjoys to eat, and what advice she’d give to other gluten-free kids.

1. When were you diagnosed with celiac disease? What were some of your symptoms? 

I was diagnosed in summer 2010. I felt tired and I had belly aches all the time.

2. If you tell your friends about celiac disease, how do you explain it?

I say that I have this allergic thing to gluten, which is in wheat. But it's not contagious, so don't worry.

3. What’s your favorite gluten-free food? What do you when you go somewhere that doesn't have gluten-free food?

My favorite gluten-free foods are roasted chicken wings and gluten-free cake. When I go somewhere, I just bring some of my own gluten-free food.

4. What advice would you give to a child who has just been diagnosed with celiac disease?

It's going to be fun being gluten-free because it's a great and special experience. You get special food and attention. You are lucky that you were diagnosed because many people are out there who are sick and haven't been diagnosed. They may not have the money to go to doctors or hospitals to get diagnosed.


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