Meet Morgan

Morgan is 8 years old and has celiac disease. Lindsey is her twin sister!

Morgan doesn't let celiac disease stop her from being a fun kid. There's even a book that's all about her and her mom!

How many years have you been gluten-free?

4 years.

What symptoms did you have?

I was a "silent" celiac, so I didn't have any bad symptoms. My mom found out she was celiac, so my twin sister and I got tested. That's how I found out I had it, too.

How do you feel now?

The same as before :)

What's the hardest part about being gluten-free?

Having people ask why I can't eat something at a party and having to explain it.

What's the best part about being gluten-free?

That my Mom wrote a book and I am the main character! It's called Mommy, What is Celiac Disease? and I show it to everyone who doesn't know what celiac and being gluten-free means.

What's your favorite thing to do?

I love Irish dancing, soccer, softball and art.


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