Free Webinar: Shifting the Focus: Lessons Learned from the Physical & Emotional Well-Being of Gluten-Free Athletes


As awareness of the gluten-free diet continues to spread, so too does the population of individuals gaining a benefit from this lifestyle. Athletes and other physically active people have reported improved endurance, performance results and mental clarity after going gluten-free, whether out of medical necessity or by choice. Join NFCA as Dr. KC Wilder, a Sports Performance Coach, applies the successes of gluten-free athletes to the gluten-free community at large through a discussion on ways to maintain both a healthy body and mind.

When: Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where: Your computer

Time:  2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT

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About the Panelist

Dr. KC WilderAs a distinguished athlete with demonstrated expertise as a certified trainer, prolific author, corporate advisor and motivational speaker, Dr. K.C. Wilder is uniquely qualified to coach on the art and science of mental conditioning for elite performance. Equally important, Dr. Wilder has the credibility and objective neutrality to earn the trust and respect of young athletes.

Dr. Wilder holds a doctorate in Applied Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia. Her achievements as an amateur and professional athlete include All-American cycling honors, a top twenty U.S. professional cycling ranking, two national Master’s championships, and a top ten finish in the Masters World Track Championship.


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