Jessica Pauley (Jessi's Gluten-Free World)

Jessica PauleyRecent graduate of University of Cincinnati, currently works for U.S. Senate

Blogs at: Jessi’s Gluten-Free World

Find her on Twitter: @pauleytics

Gluten-free for: 2 years

Why she's gluten-free: Gluten sensitivity

Major: International Affairs. Now taking courses for Advanced Medical Careers Preparatory Certificate

Current job duties: Marketing the intern program, handling administrative tasks, coordinating with the National Passport Center on time-sensitive passports, managing requests for congratulatory greetings, and overseeing special projects.

Career ambitions: I’ve always been drawn to the medical field, but following my dad’s difficult (but successful!) battle with cancer, I turned toward government service. Since my diagnosis with a gluten sensitivity, I’ve let myself return to my dream.  I plan to become a nurse practitioner and would love to work in an international capacity with an organization like UNICEF or Doctors Without Borders.


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